Alexandria Virginia

Why Choose Us…

“Our business model is designed to exceed each customers expectations by delivering a superior service that is faster, better, and cheaper. Our revolutionary approach delivers simple pricing that make it affordable to everyone. You don’t have to be wealthy to afford superior home services, just a business like Veteran Maids willing to make it affordable to all.”

D. Hilarski Sr.

President, Veteran Maids, LLC

No pre-inspection for Maid services
Highly experienced
24/7, 365 days availability
Hassle-free booking online
Maids are 100% English speaking
No contracts needed
No cleaning quotes
Simple pricing


Fully insured and licensed
100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
Loyal clients enjoy lower prices
We promote small  business by partnering with local businesses first.
Veteran owned business
Military style discipline
White Glove Inspection


No hidden fees
Veteran discounts
Holiday promotions


Take a look a just how simple our prices are. Trust me, no gimmicks or hidden fees.


“I received a flyer for Veteran Maids in my mail. My husband and I were thinking about getting some cleaning help since we are both running all the time and the housework was falling between the cracks. Veteran Maids came and saved the day. My house is now clean and organized. They were professional, kind, and very efficient. I couldn’t be happier.”

1000 sqft Officer Package Deep Clean


“I recently decided to have my house professionally cleaned, and coincidentally received the flier from Veteran Maids and decided to give them a try. I have been thrilled with the results. They are courteous, punctual, friendly and my house is amazingly clean! I couldn’t be more pleased.”

1374 sqft Enlisted Package Recurring Maid Service


“The ladies did an amazing job and trust me when I say this place was a DISASTER! I would definitely be interested in checking out prices for someone to come on a regular basis, maybe weekly or twice a month. I really appreciate the fantastic job they did. There are surfaces in my house such as my dresser and bathroom counters that I had almost forgotten were even there!”

1500 sqft Officer Package Deep Clean Maid Service


“I’ve used Veteran Maids for the last 2 months to clean my house. I have kids and the house gets really dirty.The maids are always on time, which is important since house-cleaning services I’ve used in the past are never on time.The maids are very friendly and easy to work with. They do a good job and are very thorough.The rates are half (or less) than what other companies charge for the same work. Highly recommended.”

1374 sqft Enlisted Package Recurring Maid Service


“Thank you for your help! I will be sure to spread the word about your company and amazing customer service!!!! Thank you so much for having outstanding customer service! Taryn I- admiral move out.”

1700 sqft Admiral Package Move in/out Cleaning Maid Service


“Best cleaning service I have come across (and I have seen many). Communication with company is excellent. Team they sent out is very good. Everything that can be cleaned these guys will do it. My wife and I were so impressed with the initial deep clean service, that we have signed up for their bi-monthly service.”

2000 sqft Enlisted Package Bi-Monthly Cleanings